My last drum sounds were really blah, so I made TR-808 flavoured hats and they sound great. Apparently their original noise source is 6 out-of-tuned square oscillators through a high-pass. Anyway, here's a SynthDef for @supercollider:

@luka oh cool! thank you for sending this!

looks like very precise values, all the hats & cymbals are based on six pulse oscillators with the same (very exact) frequencies.

I'll have to spend some time digging into this.

@dried there are a few weird things there, so some of the sounds don't work, but it's easily fixable, just check the code. i should do a rewrite (or we should do it in the open or something) because he's targeting his own UI, instead of reuse. also, I *think* there's no licence? so the source is kinda educational...

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