made some cool slightly shocking digital noise just now. unfortunately it was scsynth blowing up because I accidentally did a divide-by-zero, and now it doesn't like the same code it was running at the time.

bit of a shame, I was incidentally getting into a really fun acid-ey groove. hopefully I'll be able to recover it tomorrow.

Maybe Rust has spoiled me, but Supercollider's error messages could really be a lot friendlier! One of the errors I was chasing down just now was reported as a BinaryOpFailureError with the message "binary operator '+' failed" when the real problem was that I was sending floats to MIDI. The reference to my source code was also buried in the stack trace.

Now I have to figure out why "binary operator '*' failed" when sending to a Pbind \dur argument... 🙃


got it! multiplying by nil doesn't do the same as multiplying by 0.

Here's the result. Supercollider sending MIDI to the M32 through the maple box into Calf tools; sc also generating the (somewhat uninspired) kick & hats and sending those to Calf tools as well. Everything recorded live through qjackrcd and that's it.

Just a little tangent into filter squelch.

@dried there's a characteristic to this sound that makes me imagine an endlessly creaking door.

@paul cannot unhear that now! It's the hats I think? If they had a bit of rall & dim it would be pretty close...

@dried well, now I want to make a Risset rhythm that sounds like a door creak. A Risset Door?

@paul a Risset door would drive me nuts, just slowly creaking around in a circle forever...

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