Some quick drone, the process of which is marginally more interesting: these were output from a pd patch running on a raspberry pi, into the maple box, and taken from the piezos out into my interface. The important part for me is that the whole thing -- Pi, Pi's interface hat, 20W amp, and homemade input buffer -- ran on a battery that only puts out 5V at 2A, even while I was SSH'd to the Pi.

Now to figure out those weird clicks...

Can't reproduce the clicks after a brief attempt.

Tons of line noise though, I'm assuming it's partly because I'm using the relatively dirty 5V from the Pi's GPIO. The noise increases when the SSH session to the Pi is busier (eg, with X-forwarding) -- not sure if that's RF interference or increased power draw to the Pi. Anyway, the goal is to run headless so those spikes basically don't matter, though I wouldn't mind cleaning up the overall noise floor.

@eid two pairs of transducer IO (piezo + contact exciter) are mounted on the inside of the box, one on the top and one on the side. The piezos go through a buffer* and the exciters are powered by a 20W amp**. Both use stereo 1/4" jacks.

I'm working on a design (which I'll eventually post) that will have a RPi and a battery mounted inside with switches for the input paths. The drone post was to test whether the battery could power everything.


@dried thanks for the explanation. looks interesting.

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