arc code still in development but at a point where it's useable, so here's the repo if you're curious:

The monome arc, like the grid before it, is a really open controller: you get the rotation data and you can update the lights, but they don't do anything "out of the box." While there are some apps for other monome hardware, there wasn't anything "ready to go" for Linux.

I had been using pure data for this, but it's really not suited to it and I also wanted to be able to use the arc outside of pd, and so, months later, I finally can. (Let's hope the decision to write it in Rust pays off...)

I should qualify "ready to go for Linux": monome maintains software that sends / receives the arc data over OSC and also has a bunch of example code for using it in pd, max, etc.

Part of the reason this took so long is that I started writing without paging in mind, then had to re-write to make things work with paging. Also making things configurable multiplied the complexity by a huge amount!

turns is now at v0.5.0. This release includes improvements to math (🤮), the MIDI pager, and other QOL and housekeeping improvements. Download your copy today!

@dried If there was ready-to-go monome software for Linux, I probably wouldn't be the programmer I am today. I spent many years trying to figure the damn thing out, and picked up some programming skills along the way.

@paul yeah that was part of the motivation for using rust too, though I was a little surprised at how much friction pd gave me with and had hoped to get moving with it much faster

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