another inane generative thing for you, maybe a little closer to being relevant to my "proper work."

- clicks from the computer, two voices from Mother 32 (VCO and self-resonating VFC)
- clock dividers driving the three rhythmic streams, occasionally changing up their groupings
- pitches all some edo something or other, idk
- pd patch is a hot mess so no screenshot for today
- not very much timbre control when you need the filter to be a voice, but oh well


@PatchNotes no screenshot but there is ~ s y n t h and s u c c u l e n t ~

ahh this thing is so dumb but I can't stop listening to it

gonna set up a livestream just of this stupid patch babbling, video just deadpan on the succulent. every 14 days I come in and carefully place 4 drops of water on it and adjust a knob by 3 degrees. it'll be like the fireplace channel at xmas.

every so often it plays something that sounds like it could be the beginning of giant steps and I can't help but think it's been shedding Coltrane lifts


this is nice ...

and yes some ((repetitive) systemic) tone color changes would be lovely

but the phrasing (silences) and melodic shapes are both holding my interest

the fade-outs at the end of phrases seem arbitrary, maybe just cut the note off

what might be interesting would be to change volume throughout the phrase but like walking up (or down) stairs instead of ramps ...

good luck (however you continue)



@js0000 I agree about the long decay, twiddling around with envelope & sustain (& lots more) as I listen (and trying not to ruin the thing)

volume and timbre changes -- yep, both are in my textual sketch for this, but only so much I can do with the m32, especially with the filter commandeered as a voice and all the MIDI control possibilities used up.

just happy to have stumbled on such a joyful little lifeform

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