More LFOs modulating parameters on two static voices. The exciting bit here is that the guts of my rust arc code is done (and that's what's driving the patch here), so now it should be much easier to write things for the arc. Will open source soon.

@PatchNotes @PureData

@jayrope @PatchNotes @PureData in this patch it's just generating the LFOs controlled by the encoders, but the library I'm working on has a bunch of stuff to make coding audio rate stuff for the arc easier.

@jayrope OH sorry! It's a controller made by monome -- basically four beautiful rotary encoders with pretty lights.

@dried The price tag is notable for four controllers ;) I made make 4-5 of these for the money

@jayrope oh yeah it's not cheap, but I also couldn't build one like it if I tried.

@dried What kin dof code is runnin gon the acr? is that just a remote fader control, via usb midi or do those faders have bigger than 7-bit (0-127) resolution, osc protocol or so?

and since you use pd: check out That's what i used for my box (Bela Mini in that case, and both big and mini for several other projects) - bela runs c++, pd, supercollider, faust and csound is in the works, all on 1 GHz. That unit is pretty amazing and so small! Inside view below.

@jayrope it's more minimal than that, just a serial device (though they have a program for consuming via osc). It spits out rotation delta (how far clockwise or counter-clockwise you've turned) and you send it values for the lights. The encoders are really sensitive, 1024 points per rotation, and endless.

Bela looks really sweet, I've had my eye on it for a while but I've got a few raspberry pis I haven't yet maxed out so I can't justify picking one up.

@dried Have you worked with a Pi4? 4 cores look awesome for sound.

@jayrope not yet, mine are all 3B. It does look really great though!

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