self-modulating system based on interference patterns from 2 pairs of LFOs. somewhat inspired by the benjolin / rungler, though I still don't fully understand what that thing does.

@PatchNotes / @PureData

better view of the patch (yeah it's kinda sloppy...)

@dried The dried objects are your own objects, or abstraction? what's inside?

@jayrope Yep, they're open source here: The ones in this patch are pretty basic.

ss-squ~ - anti-aliased sine-summed square oscillator
gs~ - graphical gain stage
round-clip~ - tanh clipping with configurable shoulder / roundness

the darc objects are my monome arc abstractions -- I'm rewriting them in Rust because Pd is just the wrong tool for the job.

@jayrope (if you use these, the $1 argument for the ss-* abstractions is currently broken because I changed the inlet from control to signal; they still work if you send signal in. I need to go back and fix that...)

@dried Oh i think i can fix that myself quick, if needed. No need to worry now :)

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