here we go, i've finally actually posted something on bandcamp

this is my first album, a collection of instrumentals from my first few years of composing and producing by myself between 2016 and 2018

i called it anxiety because that felt like a common theme between the sounds so... be warned

it'll be up on streaming services soon enough too

new material is also *hopefully* on the way soon


I've listened to most of it this morning. The mix of medititive, noisy and at times creepy appeals to me.

@flavigula thank you for saying so, that's definitely the sort of sound i was going for! 😁


Congratulations on the album! I'm checking it out now.

I love the cover design and how it fits with your band image! Simple and effective!

@yam655 thank you for listening! also very glad you like the cover, i'm still very much a beginner at graphic design so that's good to hear 😀

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