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*new music*

"adult lessons" is going to be up on all streaming services on friday, but it's live now on bandcamp

downloads are pay what you want until friday so feel free to grab a free copy if you fancy!

i've tried to condense 30+ years of music obsession and life fuckups into 40ish minutes of trashy noisy pop and to be honest i'm about as happy as i could be with it

gonna take a wee break from my own music for a while now to refresh and do some other projects

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new music!

the album is still on the way, but in the meantime here's an EP featuring one of the songs from it, plus five instrumentals at various stages of completion which i'm putting down for now to work on other projects

it's name your price (so is my old album now) so grab a free download if you fancy

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hi folks! new for my new profile on

i'm Ciarán/kiki (@kiki_d), and i make music as drembot - mostly electronic instrumentals but i'm currently working on new material which may actually involve me singing, eek

i post about music that i'm listening to, i like to compile playlists every once in a while, i love getting recommendations, and generally just enjoy music chats

very happy to be here!


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@WeWereSeeds Wanted to make sure you saw this: A crowdsourced list of 1000+ Black artists, producers, and labels on Bandcamp

now listening

eiko ishibashi and darin gray - ichida

the album's out a month now, and tbh i'm pretty happy a) with how it sounds and b) that a few people have listened to it

art is communication, a message sent into the world

it's a good feeling to think that might have been received somewhere

if anyone would like to listen, links are below:

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USPol, 538 

ok i'm in love with this chart of each candidate's most used words from the debate

the avalanches sampling the roches, this is so fucking beautiful

life goal 

make music that makes justin broadrick go 'woah, that was a bit intense'

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