Ok, I'm going to see if my old desktop computer is still studio-worthy. I'm currently running a slightly outdated and if I find out the machine is still ok for recording, I'm either going to upgrade to UbuntuStudio 20.04 or I'm going to do a fresh install. (The machine is old and incredibly cluttered.)

I feel the temptation of trying out Manjaro - I have used Arch before and while that didn't work out for me, the AUR with all its cool software would be a huge plus.

I'm going to refresh my memory of the rules of harmony as taught in music schools. This was the book they used back then when I studied at the Saarbrücken music school.

It was one of the books I loaned to someone and never got it back, and now I'm happy to have it back on my shelf.

(The title is "Harmonielehre im Selbststudium" by Thomas Krämer.)

I only released this hymn to Heimdall on 50/90 before, as a very reverberant acoustic one-take demo. I'm thinking about re-recording it, and while I'm at it, I am thinking about giving it a richer arrangement. For that, I need to figure out what chord and rhythm goes where.

But somehow this piece wants to be very rubato and sparse.

Hm hum. Perhaps I will make a clean-ish minimal artsong version first and then determine if I want to make a slightly richer version.

Hermine the cat is helping me with the analysis of a double fugue by Vivaldi.

I caught some inspiration today, and now I'm fighting a song again that I started in February.

Trying to write longer verses that just four lines. Also, I'm trying to put something into verse that I find hard to put into words at all.

I finally got one book again that shared the fate of many books I once loaned to somebody and never got back.

I never got around to studying with the first copy I owned, let's see if I make use of it this time.

Yes, of course there are ear training apps, but I found most of them falling short as soon as you go beyond recognizing out-of-context, abstract intervals, chords or cadences. Also, sound quality gets surprisingly important once you start trying to distinguish chords.

Finally started updating my UbuntuStudio machine. Let's see if I can revitalize this one and make it my dedicated recording machine.


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