I'm still on my tunings bs 

In this week's live stream, I mentioned I could do a full-evening talk about tunings. Now I have to qualify that: historic tunings and the development from pythagorean to 12TET.

I wonder if a live stream is the right format; I might put it into a real video... I suppose some visualizations might be helpful, hence audio-only would probably not be helpful.

Or is there any other format that could work for a lot of people?

I'm still on my tunings bs, thinking out loud 

On the other hand, that kind of presentation *is* a metric fuckton of work. So the earliest I get to it would be February. I would probably need some funding for it to be able to take the time to complete it.

Let me know if you're interested in the topic.

I'm still on my tunings bs 

@draco Video with visualisations sounds cool to me. I'd definitely watch that.

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