Looking forward to another :sccube: tonight! As usual, I'll start at 7:30 pm CET on Twitch:

I will briefly talk about the things I didn't get right last time, and I'm thinking about exploring scales & tunings a little further. Got a little math lesson from my wife over breakfast, which gave me the tools I need to convert interval ratios into cents.

Timezone conversion?

If you want me to address specific questions around tuning, let me know! I spent a few exciting weeks last year teaching that to some private music theory students.

I'll need to rewatch this piece by as an inspiration:

ok, this was fun again. Thank you to everyone who joined!

I guess it would be productive if I wrapped my head around what I want out of the whole alternate/on the fly (re)tuning business that I was toying around with.

I'll share the code tomorrow. (Or on the weekend, depending on when I get to it.)

@draco Thanks! I liked todays session a lot, and learned something again. These rather special setups are still confusing to me, I possibly should try to break this down to raw maths (or maybe visualize it) to really get a grip on it. Fun + fascinating.

@ceha do you mean the math around tunings? yeah, that's not entirely trivial because musical intervals are ratios, and thus work by multiplication.

I have some unfinished material where I calculated the ratios for different tuning systems and the math looks pretty complicated at some points, although it's nothing more sophisticated than powers and roots.

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