support a queer neurodivergent artist (1/n), boosts welcome 

Hi. I am a queer musician with recurring depressive episodes and migraine and I need some help - I need to make at least 3900€ this year to keep my health insurance (it is a weird bureaucratic construct) and I believe I'm not even at half of that. (Too anxious atm to check.)

I make experimental sound with SuperCollider. I also do German copy editing and copywriting as my day job - drop me a dm if you need those services!

support a queer neurodivergent artist (2/n) 

I do weekly live composing sessions on Twitch:

Here are a few things that would help me out:

1. I have not one, but two projects on Bandcamp:

2. you can support me on liberapay:

3. I have a ko-fi page:

4. you can join my sound & musicianship lab on patreon:

5. dm me if you need a music theory teacher

support a queer neurodivergent artist (3/3) 

end of begpost thread. Boosts are very much appreciated.

Please only give what you can afford comfortably, and give to Black, Indigenous or People of Color first.

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