*taking a big breath* ok, I want to try this idea before I talk myself out of it again.

Giving singing lessons.

I would like to try my hand at teaching singing. Sliding scale prices, lessons via the video conference program of your least discomfort. Get-to-know-you lesson free.

For coordination, my time zone is CEST/UTC+2 and I am not completely free in when I can make noise/have appropriate privacy for teaching, but I guess we can get that figured out.

my qualifications are basically the 3 years of music school I did back in my 20s and that I never stopped singing and striving to evolve as a singer.

I am also available for music theory lessons!

@draco sounds very interesting. I'm a bit stressed with time right now, but I bookmarked this toot and will (hopefully) get back to you. I love singing but I sing quite awfully, so lots of room for improvement :)

@draco Ooo! Hi! Would love to discuss!

I'm a musician, but I've never really been a confident singer. Would love to work on that.

Also sounds like we might have similar music in common (check out my bandcamp link on my profile).

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