Finally started updating my UbuntuStudio machine. Let's see if I can revitalize this one and make it my dedicated recording machine.

OK, turns out the machine is still a bit noisy as soon as it has run a bit, and I don't know if that will work well with recording.

(My dad fixed it for me because it made a jarring rattling noise after a certain time under load, and he claimed it went away, but I'm skeptical.)

Using my Windows laptop it is, then. That laptop doesn't have enough disk space for a dual-boot system, so I probably need to re-learn my audio skills on Windows.


It also means that I have to find alternatives to all the open source tools that I used to use under Linux, as long as there aren't Windows ports of them. And because this femme is broke af, they need to be free as in free beer.

OK, now that I've put my UbuntuStudio machine through all of the updates, it seems that it might work... just have to get used to the noise again. Gosh, I am so pampered by my good laptop.

@artsyhonker I have that, and it's OK-ish for basic things (like mixing down separately recorded tracks). I'm thinking more of effect plugins (EQ, compressor, delay, reverb etc), virtual instruments and the like.

I know there must be some, it will just be quite some research and also learning to get it all to work together the way I want.


I use Audacity less and less as I find I can do everything in Ardour more easily. The Calf plugins are incredible. That being said, the guitarix plugins work in Audacity.

This applies to your Ubuntu machine. I know nothing of windows...


@flavigula yeah, is really nice, especially because effects are part of the mixer so the waveform is not altered. I find quite a nuisance. From the UI point of view it's pretty crappy. @draco @artsyhonker

@reto @flavigula @artsyhonker I already have Ardour on my Windows laptop, but I never really worked myself back into it. It used to be my go-to.

My problem with the Windows machine is currently that I don't have the plug-ins there that I relied on on my Ubuntu, namely the Calf and TAP plugins.

@draco @reto @artsyhonker @dogtrax

I don't believe anyone in the community ( / / in general) is interested enough in windows to recreate the GUIs. Or that is what I understand, anyhow. Unfortunate, but I understand the point being made in this thread:

@reto @flavigula @draco @artsyhonker It works, but it's quite young there, so I'd expect possible issues. However there are demo versions available (so one can test of it works) and the full binaries cost just $1 :)

@reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax

I'm in the midst of mastering the new Flavigula album. It's all been done in . Each track is a separate session. The mixdowns are then imported into a grand session for mastering. The workflow is very natural, methinks. Having only used for a few centuries now (except for a short stint in 2013), I can't say I'm too famaliar with other DAWs, though.

@flavigula @reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax I love mastering albums with Ardour. It's pure joy!
The X42 EbuR128 habdy"butterfly" meter really comes in handy to check the final levels. I usually land around -14 LUFS integrated for my albums. EDM doesn't need to be super-crushed to slam hard!


I use both of these, but mostly the latter on the recent album. Do you shoot for specific levels during the mix you do before mastering? I went for 4-5db of headroom, but it varied.

I'm relatively new to the mastering "scene". On previous albums, I just threw a bit of compressor over the mix, creating more "loudness". In the end, I figured if I'm going to spend so much time composing this stuff, I might as well do the same with mixing / mastering.

@reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax

@flavigula @reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax During mixing I mostly just make sure the track is balanced within itself. I don't care about final levels at that point. I export the mixes to 32-bit float WAV files having no limiting on the master, so I can turn it up or down as I want in the mastering session without loosing quality.

@flavigula @reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax BTW - I have learned a lot about mastering from this podcast:
I recommend starting from the top, as they progress nicely from the first episode.


This looks promising. I'll listen to a few episodes tonight. Thanks!

@reto @draco @artsyhonker @dogtrax

@draco I think you could use an AVLinux system installed on a USB drive to boot Linux for making music on Your laptop without the need to install anything on it's hard disk.
Or is that problem already solved? :)

@unfa I'm still a little undecided if I can't put up with the noise from my desktop machine. I'd need to experiment with it, which I'm currently not geting around to because I'm swamped with breadwinning work atm.

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