yes, tried it with a few family members who volunteered. it's very very basic which is why I like it. I don't necessarily see it as a replacement for day to day conversations but it's a great alternative and truly decentralized & anonymous.

@gcrkrause I read your thoughts on . very interesting. in case you know , can you share your view on that one too?

@dontoverthinklife To summarise, I'd suggest checking out #funkwhale for primarily ethical reasons - it's #foss, #decentralised not owned & can't be bought later on by some shady mega-corp.

@theargentgrub @mxv

I went over to project. It looks interesting. However, their last blog post dates February 2021 which I don't take as a good sign for a healthy development. As of now: manual uploads by volunteers, no app...

Is anyone (besides Max) familiar with the platform and can shed more light on them?

@theargentgrub @mxv so it's actually a bit like the . I'm going to give it a try then. thank you all for elaborating!

@mxv Hmm, but there's a lot of Name-Your-Price / free music on Bandcamp too. In my eyes this platform isn't ideal but it's the best I have experienced so far. I hope funkwhale will grow fast though.

I haven't been around much but here's my contribution update: I received a few weeks ago 🥰.

@mxv @flavigula my understanding is that as long as one doesn't or can't host their own instance it doesn't really make sense, since there aren't that many public instances - correct?

@flavigula @mxv

I don't utilize yet. I find it interesting and understand the concept but it seems that there aren't many pods to choose from for uploading my music. can you share your experience?

@mxv Hey Max, share with us what kind of music are you creating? Can we listen to some of it somewhere?


I like the FM a lot but the menu-diving keeps me from just sitting down and jamming with it.

@Lystrialle try standing! I switched and will never go back to sitting in front of my screen for more than a couple of minutes.

@js0000 Thank you again for your words. Gives me another push to start my next project soon. Lots of ideas already 💫.

@jaiecoute thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it. personal feedback is so much more valuable than someone just tipping me.

@eid nice one! just had a listen in the morning sun after waking up. post more :).


an experiment with phasing percussion and texture. edited down by about half after recording


bandcamp friday ...

anything i have up there is free to download (i refuse to get a paypal account)

so it's just like bandcamp tuesday (or sunday or ...)

i am ok as a failure in arts capitalism


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