"Just sit, and silence becomes the loudest noise.
Just sit, and no-action becomes the most difficult one.

As much as I have gotten used to (over)thinking, analyzing, making sense, talking & debating, standing up for "the right thing", maintaining relationships, fixing things, as much has it led to exhaustion. The last two years revealed it in all clarity.

Now I learn to just sit."

- part of the description of my new album "Just sit."

@js0000 thank you! let me know what you think if you found time to listen.


wrote a longer note that exceeded 500 chars and (apparently) failed to send. so more simply:

+ sound color[s] captivating
+ "non-musical" sounds deeply integrated, extending musical fabric (deeper into mind)
+ distinct buddhism/meditation flavoring throughout
+ you may be more settled into your new living space[s]

thank you for enriching my life with your freely shared music!


@js0000 Thank you again for your words. Gives me another push to start my next project soon. Lots of ideas already 💫.

@jaiecoute thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it. personal feedback is so much more valuable than someone just tipping me.

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