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"Just sit, and silence becomes the loudest noise.
Just sit, and no-action becomes the most difficult one.

As much as I have gotten used to (over)thinking, analyzing, making sense, talking & debating, standing up for "the right thing", maintaining relationships, fixing things, as much has it led to exhaustion. The last two years revealed it in all clarity.

Now I learn to just sit."

- part of the description of my new album "Just sit."

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Hey SoNoMu friends,

Just a quick from my side since I migrated to the club yesterday:

I'm E and make music as . I used to live in Berlin, drowning in the management world when I decided to quit that life and start doing what I love. I took a year off and eventually moved to Taiwan where I am right now.

My sound is mostly

Have a listen on

Your feedback is VERY welcome!


Hello beautiful person,

here is my I do to create sounds, sometimes move pixels in or pick up a soldering iron to build my own for and . I use a lot ( among others) for almost everything I do. Sometimes I am slow to respond because I have mixed feelings about the whole internet thing.

Today I'm sharing with you my new release SMILE:

"No concept, no golden thread, no message, no processing. Just some spontaneous recordings I took over the last couple of weeks."

I appreciate whoever takes time to listen. And the ones who don't.

ps: all my music is free / NYP and now also licensed under "share-alike".

i do like non computer things. i'm an avid reader. i read about 100+ novels a year. i like #coffee. i'm geographically located in #taiwan . family and all that too :D

#introduction #reading #books

i like to tinker with computers. run my own #yunohost server at home. got a #pihole running on cute little #dietpi SBC. i like supporting ethical, free tech. i recently got a #pinetime. i like doing more with tech than just 'consuming' things on it. i use #plato on my kobo.

basically i like computer things.


馃憗 MailTape 489 with Skia

This morning, you get up motivated and determined to make a difference. We know that anything is possible, by hoping for the best, by uniting our voices and by not forgetting our rights and our commitments! This is the case with our artist of the day, Skia.

Skia, a committed and sincere artist, she is one of the French rappers who weighs more and more in the game, as they say!

鈥淪ensible鈥 is the name of her first EP released last January.


Our Liberapay is quiet... sad 馃槵 Any folks to make it happier and support our collective ? 馃

boost appreciated 馃檶

@dontoverthinklife @oros Just FYI, GrapheneOS does support Google Play services, as regular unprivileged apps. Not included by default but very easy to install using their new "Apps" app.

I'm Reto from , currently living in near Bern

I'm a . I'm and playing , and sometimes (although I had to cut that short because of some arm issues even though I like it better as an instrument)

I use and to record music. Sometimes I make some stuff with as well

My favorite artists are the and

I also write

Some demos on my website:鈥

Whats your preferred Android audio recorder on #Fdroid for uncompressed audio & mp4/aac and without privacy concerns?

Been working on these little babies
20 copies only

鈥 Cassette pressing by Tapeline
鈥 Artwork by Pierre Courtin
鈥 Printed in #Nantes
鈥 everything else by myself

鈿狅笍 This is a recycled case found in a flea market. I wanted to try a #ZeroWaste #DIY ethics. Please expect some minor issues such as scratches. Thank you!

Available at #paywhatyouwant on #bandcamp 鉃★笍

#drone #ambient #noise #acousmatic #experimental #guitar #tape #cassette #k7 #ambientguitar #darkambient

You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon. All links count as 23 characters no matter how long they really are.

Also, links on Mastodon stay in the form you wrote them. This is much better for privacy than Twitter.

Twitter quietly changes all posted links to go via Twitter's domain so they can track people. This doesn't happen on Mastodon or the Fediverse.

You can see this hidden conversion in Twitter by hovering your mouse over a link there, the link appears to show a normal address but Firefox and other browsers will indicate the true address in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you try this same check on Mastodon or the Fediverse, you will see your links stay just as you wrote them.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Privacy #Twitter #LinkShorteners

Hi I am Anja, i am new here on - thanks for having me! 馃榾 May I introduce myself with some snippets of my work, starting with a
rehearsal together with Helmut Buntjer for a performance with our label for with

how do you shave your face?

(plz boost)

I discovered this artist in an ambient & drone room on matrix. this is his first full length release:

"Microtonal electronic music by Sevish (Sean Archibald, UK)"

@gcrkrause I read your thoughts on . very interesting. in case you know , can you share your view on that one too?

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