Oh my, someone actually loaned me a hymnal and it is *way* more useful than the lost of words I usually get!

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Here is the first verse, underlaid below the melody in the attached screenshot.

Jesus, where’er your people meet,
There they behold your mercy seat;
Where’er they seek you, you are found,
And ev’ry place is hallowed ground,
And ev'ry place is hallowed ground.

Words are by William Cowper.

Melody in solfa:
la, do re mi do re do la, so,
ti, la, ti, do mi so la so mi
la so mi re do mi la, do re
la, do re mi ti, do mi so la
so mi re so mi do re la, do

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Here's a hymn tune I wrote in memory of another organist. We sang it at my church for the Dedication Festival in early December.


Attached: robots singing, it won't let me attach that and the screenshot of the melody so I'll include that in my next toot. PDF of harmony is available at the blog post and on CPDL.

No, YOU just spent an hour making a Hoseaphone and now you gotta figure out how to put the holes in it.

Meet Horton.

New, free choral sheet music by me, a setting of Christina Rossetti's 'Good Friday'.


(Attached here: robotic flewitts playing it. They can't do the words, though.)

CC by SA, as usual.


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