Thinking about composing a Requiem Mass for covid-19 deaths.

Probably can't do it as part of the PhD.

A bit worried someone more famous and well-connected will get a commission for it. Thinking about a crowdfunder early on.

I guess that's something to keep me moving on the PhD front, anyway -- get it out of the way.


when near the end (as you are), it's often the only motivation that will work

as always, best wishes

(unsolicited suggestion: music in requiem will likely be more moving (and idiosyncratic) if written outside of academic requirements)


This is a beautiful concept. All Saints here in Edmonton (as I'm sure many around the world) have been remembering those who have died from covid with special liturgies and other signs. Musically would be such a blessing. I can't offer much but would pitch in for that.

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