WHAT IF: I start building a modular synth.

BUT: I have to build all modules myself from parts and plans (not kits).

Going to Superbooth to see synthesizers but I won't buy anything no no no.

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Hi it's #bandcampfriday I also have some music on there:

My band, The Providers: providers.bandcamp.com/release - dramatic pop music incl. vocals and synths by @sixohsix and the goodness of other non-Mastodon friends.

My solo stuff: mascha.bandcamp.com/ - experimental pop with lots of vocal harmonies and guitars

#music #mastomusic

Making music sometimes makes me dissociate (I guess they also call that flow?) Sometimes I forget what I made. Apparently on new years day I made an absolute banger.

Drone Day this year is Saturday, May 28. Make some drone music for the world.


I set up like five synthesizers so far in a giant rack with MIDI so that I can drive everything immediately from my DAW, but oddly enough this hasn't made me more creative.

Continuing adventures with the Octatrack: got some good tunes out of it and as long as I treat it solely as a techno machine it works well. Next issue is that it's giving me neck pain bending over my desk to look at the tiny screen. Need some kind of shelf for it.

Been trying to make music with an Elektron Octatrack lately. What's amazing about it is if you're making techno, everything is really easy, but if you're making anything else it feels like a struggle. As a drone-music live looper it completely fails because you can't record loops off the grid.

If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate hearing them.

My friend made a fake 80's album. Uh, I mean... I'm sure you remember these hits from the 80's... they always played them on the radio... right?... right?


Happy album release day. You can now listen to the entirety of my new album:


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Here we go... my new album is dropping on Dec 10. Pre-orders are open now and there's a real cool video by a friend of mine:


This is the pre-announcement that I'm gonna be announcing something music-related Friday of next week.

Also there are cassette tapes coming in the mail to me.

Exciting times.

So I finally brought my broken monitor speaker to the repair center. It's probably just one blown capacitor but I'm not confident enough to open it up myself.

October Loop.

O07 - Novation Peak, arpeggiated digital effects modulation

October Loop.

O06 - Ableton Operator, FM LFO free pitch squawk MIDI effects

October Loop.

O05 - Novation Peak, carnival brass cycles.

October Loop.

O04 - Novation Peak, increasingly unstable anti-phase acid breakdown.

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