My friend made a fake 80's album. Uh, I mean... I'm sure you remember these hits from the 80's... they always played them on the radio... right?... right?

Happy album release day. You can now listen to the entirety of my new album:

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Here we go... my new album is dropping on Dec 10. Pre-orders are open now and there's a real cool video by a friend of mine:

This is the pre-announcement that I'm gonna be announcing something music-related Friday of next week.

Also there are cassette tapes coming in the mail to me.

Exciting times.

So I finally brought my broken monitor speaker to the repair center. It's probably just one blown capacitor but I'm not confident enough to open it up myself.

October Loop.

O07 - Novation Peak, arpeggiated digital effects modulation

October Loop.

O06 - Ableton Operator, FM LFO free pitch squawk MIDI effects

October Loop.

O05 - Novation Peak, carnival brass cycles.

October Loop.

O04 - Novation Peak, increasingly unstable anti-phase acid breakdown.

October Loop.

O03 - Novation Peak, saw-like oscillators detuning in chorus towards heaven.

October Loop.

O02 - Novation Peak, FM oscillator metalic tones with short digital delay.

As an exercise I'll try and create a synth patch every day in October. I'll have to back-date, though. I am not very punctual.

All recordings/loops in this series are CC0 / public domain.

O01 - Novation Peak, classic white noise, osc, filter.

One of my monitor speakers broke. It goes buzzzzzzzzzzz now. 😭 The company that built it is just a few neighborhoods over so hopefully they can fix it.

Except they were recently bought out by a much larger company, so maybe all the manufacturing is done in China now and I'm screwed.

I'm still hopeful though.

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Tonight I am mixing a drum machine, a synthesizer and a broken delay pedal

Wait so is it Looptober or Novembeat? I can't be expected to make loops for two months straight.

Dear @tenacity , why are you working so hard? Like, theoretically you could track the hijacked corporate Audacity project, strip out the nasty tracking junk, and release it, and you'd be good. That doesn't seem to be your goal. So what is your goal?

Haven't been online much because immediately after getting this account I had to go on a business trip thing. Such is life.

In any case, I'm reworking my artist website and sharing some of my back catalogue on there.

Here is a recording of a performance I did in 2016. This was my first time using a custom live-looping setup that turned out to be really productive for my future endeavors. The source material is a Korg Minilogue and weird cassette tapes I collect.

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My setting of Ave Verum Corpus was sung at Winchester Cathedral this morning. If you'd like a listen, it starts at around 1:08:40 in this video:

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