I guess the game arrangement I posted yesterday energized me a little, because I dusted off an old file I hadn't worked on in a while and finished it today: soundcloud.com/albatoss/castle
This time it's a Castlevania tune.

I arranged some Gameboy music into a piano trio as part of a creative prompt themed around frogs, and you can listen to it here: soundcloud.com/albatoss/for-th

I wish Michiru Ōshima would come back to video game music. You don't get stuff like this in game soundtracks too often.

RT @amnestyusa
Stop killing Black people.
Stop attacking peaceful protesters.
Stop enabling racism and white supremacy.
Stop arresting journalists.
Stop allowing police violence.
Just stop.

#BlackLivesMatter #RightsNow

Just listen to this, it's so cool:

It's so dense and intricate, but there are so many beautiful moments, too. More classical composers should use Moog synthesizers.

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Thanks to this channel I now know about David Borden, who I had previously not heard of before and, so far, whose work I *really* like. His "The Continuing Story of Counterpoint" series in particular is incredible.

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A few days ago I found a youtube channel called MinimalEffort that uploads minimalist pieces. Here's a link if that sounds like your jam: youtube.com/channel/UCiYFem5xo

Here's a thing I wrote about a month ago for an online D&D campaign I'm in: soundcloud.com/albatoss/the-wh
Just a simple little tune. Turned out kinda synthwave-y.

More mellotron drone noodlings, this time (almost) entirely with flutes: soundcloud.com/albatoss/fields

Hi, I just finished a project I put down six months ago, you can listen if you want: soundcloud.com/albatoss/sets/m

A friend asked me to make this so I did: soundcloud.com/djcaruban/someo
(it takes a bit for the silliness to kick in)

It's not much, but if anyone needs a laugh during self-quarantine, I have an alt soundcloud account for dumb music things:
Hope folks can find some enjoyment here

I've been playing Demon's Souls lately. There's not a lot of music, but what's there is really good! It's a shame Shunsuke Kida seems to not have worked on anything else after this game. At least I can enjoy what's here.

Haha I totally didn't forget about posting vgm why do you ask
Anyway here's a moody piano piece from Eternal Sonata: youtube.com/watch?v=CeHhzKItMY

I've decided arbitrarily to post some tunes from whatever video game(s) I'm playing at the moment about once a week. Today, this lovely bossa nova tune from Final Fantasy XIII:

Merry Christmas/happy holidays, all! I hope life finds you well this day and in the future.

Shoutout to the people that occasionally pass through my Souncloud for keeping the lights on. I promise I'm working on stuff to post soon!

Y'all how am I just now learning about Electroplankton. This is so cool!


Started playing Evergrace yesterday. Normally I wouldn't mention game stuff here, except that the soundtrack is incredibly weird and unique: youtube.com/watch?v=gm17vgmh85

This game came out in 2000, and I can't think of another game that sounds remotely like this. Kudos to Kota Hoshino!

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