Honestly kinda shocked that it seems that no one has turned Vim or Emacs into a DAW-like system for livecoding yet.

This is the closest I could find: blog.josephwilk.net/art/emacs-

Meanwhile, I've seen other people who just straight up host their downloads on The Internet Archive.

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It will also never cease to amaze me how many people take their websites offline without even backing up their freeware/free samples/etc on the Internet Archive.

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Gods, it will never cease to amaze me how much software is practically lost to time because devs can't let go of 20+-year-old (read: irrelevant) trade secrets or they inexplicably think the code is too embarrassing to release or they just straight up deleted the last copy of it.

So much stuff could have been preserved better.

This definitely isn't the kind of thing that is considered the "ideal," but it makes my brain happy and gives the music an almost tangible depth.

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So one of the reasons I'm constantly looking into more "insane" reverb solutions is that I'm somewhat obsessed with the idea of having a constant resonance in the background of my music. This started when I accidentally created a preset in Arturia's Farfisa V that created this resonance that almost perpetually sat above the mix. On the song I use it for, there's a part where the melody fades into the background, but you can hear the resonance as clear as ever.

It would just be nice to see the open standard win out this time, especially since it's a corporate-backed open standard.

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Honestly? I'd love to see most (or all) major open-source plugins abandon VST3 in favor of CLAP, but I definitely understand the economics issue that comes with doing that. Hosts, the issue is even more complicated.

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I also wonder how long it'll take JUCE to support CLAP.

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There are a large number of older plugin hosts and DAWs I've come across that only support VST2, but somewhere around half are still being updated. I wonder, since they never added VST3 or even LV2 (which even JUCE supports now) support, if CLAP support will be added to any of them.

Entered my email. Hit "Let's Get Started!" Nothing happened.

Guess I'll try again later.

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To get an extremely long reverb in the latest sketch I did, I ended up layering ValhallaShimmer and ValhallaDelay, which turned out okay, but is far from ideal.

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One of these days, I will start writing my own effects plugins. There are just a few things I'd like to achieve more easily (like extremely long reverbs) and that I'd just generally like to have more control over.

Apparently UAD Spark finally comes to Windows tomorrow. Time to give the trial a shot and see what people have been raving about all this time.

Looking for advice on how to quickly generate videos for songs. I'm aware of some of the online video generators, but I want a bit more control than they offer, but I also don't just want a shader like something like Imaginando VS offers (nor do I want to spend time writing a shader for each).

On another note, this song was already on my SoundCloud, but I published it through LANDR, so it's now everywhere.


This research is all kind of building towards an idea I've had where, like, there are a ton of groups (electronic, rock, even some classical) that use chiptunes. Tons. But no one that I'm aware of has started mixing a 90s PC aesthetic into their music, so I've been curious about how that might work.

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I started going through The Mod Archive the other day for the fun of it and there's some really cool stuff that's seemingly been buried in there, like this song.


I've recently been becoming minorly obsessed with vintage audio software and it's honestly fascinating to me how many interesting workflow ideas were never replicated in more recent products.

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