I want people to understand that me giving preference to "friends" with project proposals is less so "because they're friends" and more because I know their work ethic and because their ideas often are in line with what I like anyway.

Sometimes I have to turn down friend proposals, too. Conversely, I can and will accept projects from complete strangers if I can tell they have a solid portfolio, confidence in their project, a clear project plan, and a project I inherently like the idea of.

People trying to get their foot in the door often think the best way to get "connections" is to find the most popular person on a totem pole who'll give them the time of day, but honestly, if there's someone you want to work with, it's much more effective to make a solid portfolio with the best skills you can offer, and then present yourself to your prospective work partner with the confidence of someone who's been working for decades (even if you haven't).

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Having confidence in your own project goes a long way. When someone comes to me with a proposal, I don't look at their popularity number counts at all, but I size up whether I'll be treated with respect on the project and whether the person seems like they have a work ethic that works well with me.

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Of course, if they know one of my friends it helps, but only really because it means someone I trust can vouch for them. Ultimately, it's about confidence and respect, and if I can't be sure the person has faith in their own project, I'm not sure if I can have faith in it myself...

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