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Hi, I'm new here so a little self is in order

I'm Eidon and I'm here because music is very important to me.
I'm a self-taught musician -- I never studied music regrettably. Nevertheless I play some instruments (mainly guitar and bass) and I write my own music sometimes. Oh and I like to sing too.

You may find some of my compositions and covers at

I'm very happy to be part of this community and hope to have many enlightening conversations with you guys !

A little experiment

I was "playing" with seed 41477999, but I was not satisfied with the overall result

So I focused on the rhythmic section and extracted a number of "chunks" that I liked

Then I assembled them back, with replications, as follows:

s0 s1 s1 s2 s3 s4 s4 s5 s5 s3 s2 s1 s2 s5 s6

I then mixed the resulting track with other Grundgestalt voices: Irish harp (head-truncated) and diato (back-truncated)

And here's the result

I called it "Starless" for obvious reasons

@Eidon @eidon_channel
lovely (again)

i notice what seems like (very interesting) generated rhythmic activity that subtly (and tastefully) plays off of main 3-3-2 pulse

instrument sounds and combinations thereof also a delight

i "hear" the computing behind the sounds, but your programming (serendipity, divine spark, ...) produces audio that engages me outside of intellect (although plenty of intellectual engagement too) in a manner little other computed music does


Taki to Oshima

a little musical idea by Eidon

I wish my musical fragments would be used as soundtrack elements in videos... Wow, a movie with my music, nice thought ^_^

How to read
a person:
start with
wonder, the
quiet kind,
use your eyes
to scan the
text, the rough
parts, the scuff
marks, the love
spots, the smile
half-fallen from
silent lips,
turn the page to
notice the slant
standing, hands
crammed inside
the pockets,
hair ruffled in
the wind, absent
and forgiving -
the reader is
always the
writer of
the book



I often have sentient ducks in my dreams. Lately, they've been playing cribbage.

What is your religion?

Ducks. I believe in ducks. In ducks we trust.

- I must give partial credit to @Eidon, because I used the software he wrote to create a combinatorially generative piece. I cut two slivers from this piece and used them as a backdrop for everything else.

I must say that I do not find this composition as resonating with my inner self

Yasushi Akutagawa - Ballet Suite "The Spider's Thread" (1968)

The Rent Door is a Grundgestalt fragment obtained by... playing the Beggar-my-neighbour game (

The pack of card is bad-bad-ace-ace-two-two-three-three-four-four-five-five

(bad means a non-winning card, so in this case a card different from ace, two, three, four, and five)

This is "Bottled Souls"

So you tell me that I should not cry
So you tell me that it makes no sense
So you tell me that a man should never do like that
that I better not my feelings out

Now it's my turn
I'll ask you why my feelings should be kept inside
I'll ask you why I should keep bottled my soul
Burst out your feelings or they will just die out
If nothing moves you you will move on no more

@Eidon Hello! Sorry to butt in, but Lystrialle asked if I could help out 👍

Just to check, did you change your locale to Japanese before downloading/installing? UTAU is non-Unicode so it's finicky as heck otherwise. (You'll also need the decimal separator to be a . rather than ,)

@Eidon You should be able to import the MIDI and work directly off of it! The next step is to pick a voice library of your choice (put their files in the voice folder). Most English libraries these days are VCCV configured, so they follow a certain standard

Grundgestalt of seed 00034468, which generates a large sequence of samples. Here I extracted the samples from about 11'20'' to ca. 14'49''. Instruments are piano, bass, and Latin drumset.

This and another excerpt from 00034468 are available at

The picture there is "Children Picnic", by Kiyohara Hitoshi.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

I wanted to experiment with synthetic voices; I installed utau and managed to switch the GUI to English. What next? Is there an English tutorial? What is an UTAU script file?

Any help is greatly appreciaated!

I negleted welcomes - please enjoy and take care of our localtimelines and this (hopefully) safe space for musicians and noisers of all kinds:



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